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Top Five Fridays: November 25, 2022

Ski Industry News - Top Five Fridays

This week on Top Five Fridays, we’ve got plenty of FIS action to recap as the women’s alpine circuit finally got underway last weekend, highlighted by back to back Shiffrin wins. We’ll share those details as well preview of the upcoming races in Lake Louise and Killington, before shifting gears and recapping last weekend’s FIS Slopestyle event in Stubai. With the competitive action covered, we’ll share a new report that puts a number on the massive size of the Outdoor Industry, before finally wrapping things up with coverage of Frontier Airline’s new “Go Wild” pass, which offers unlimited flights for a year for just $799. Find out all you need to know from this week in skiing in this edition of Top Five Fridays!

Top 5 Fridays Black Friday Edition - Live with Jeff and Bob

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2023 K2 FL3X Revolver Pro Ski Boot Review

Now that we’re back on snow here in Stowe, it means review season is officially back underway! To get things started, we’re jumping right in with a review of the K2 FL3X Revolver Pro Ski Boot. Why start the season with a ski boot, you ask? Well, we want to nip this one in the bud as quickly as we can, as K2’s discontinuation and rebrand of Full Tilt was a move that caused quite a bit of controversy last Spring. Now that K2 has launched their rebranded versions of the popular Full Tilt boots, Jeff takes us through some of the background of the story, reasons why he thinks it’s a great move for K2, and most importantly, his overall impression of the boots themselves. If you’ve got questions about the K2 FL3X boots, we’ve got answers in this review. Check it out!

Top Five Fridays: November 18, 2022

With winter underway here in North America, we’ve got plenty of news to discuss! First up, as always this time of year, are updates from the FIS World Tour, as the women’s circuit is finally set to get underway this weekend and Killington’s races have just been green lit for next weekend. From there, we’ll bring you up to speed on the latest reports covering the housing crisis in Vail, the gondola in Little Cottonwood Canyon, and early signs of another season of traffic congestion. Finally, we’ll wrap things up by sharing a new ski company that hopes to bring a “shapeshifting” ski to the market, as well as a few excellent edits that you absolutely have to watch. Find out all you need to know in ski news in this week’s edition of Top Five Fridays!

2023 Ski Comparisons: Men's Touring Ski Guide

One of the fastest growing segments within skiing is the touring category, and this year we saw an incredible leap forward as several brands introduced new, lighter weight versions of some of their most popular skis to accommodate the growing demand. Now, just to be clear, any flat ski can be mounted with a touring binding and used for uphill travel, but the skis in this list feature a focus on weight savings, making uphill travel easier and more comfortable. Still, within the category, there’s a wide variety of ski personalities, each of which will be a highlighted in this comparison of 2023 Men’s Touring Skis. Enjoy!

Top Five Fridays: November 11, 2022

Another week down, another total grab bag from the world of ski news! To kick things off, we’ll bring you up to speed with the latest from the FIS, where warm weather has resulted in yet another race cancelation due to snow quality. From there, we’ll do an about face as we tell you all about the incredible snowfall that blanketed the western United States this week, as well as some of the ski areas in the East who’ve started making snow. With weather out of the way, we’ll take a turn towards legal news as we share with you the latest regarding Alterra’s plans to develop Placer County’s Olympic Valley, and news of ski legend Dean Cummings be acquitted of murder charges. It’s a bit of a wild week here on Top Five Fridays, so we encourage you to drop in immediately- you won’t want to miss this one!

2023 Ski Comparisons: Women's Mid 80 mm All Mountain Ski Guide

As we continue our weekly 2023 Ski Comparison series, we've decided to take a closer look at the Women's mid-80mm All Mountain category. While it may not be the most glamorous of all the ski categories, it’s certainly one of the most popular, and also one of the easiest ones to miscalculate when it comes time to buy. Within this category, we see everything from entry level and intermediate skis, to skis with multiple sheets of metal, designed for downhill domination. For that reason, we thought it was particularly important to cover this category of skis ahead of the season, helping ensure that you find the best ski for you this winter. Click through to learn all you need to know about these 19 skis in the Women’s mid 80 mm All Mountain category.

Top Five Fridays: November 4, 2022

Despite multiple delays to the FIS World Cup alpine calendar, we still have plenty of U.S. Ski Team news to discuss this week as the U.S. Alpine team has just landed a major sponsorship deal that will positively impact every level of the sport. We’ll tell you more about that, as well as some thoughts from the Stifel U.S. Women’s Alpine Team speed coach in regards to shifting the FIS schedule to start and end later in the year. Plus, we have a major announcement from the world of X, as ESPN has just sold the X Games to a new sports investment firm. Finally, we’ll wrap things up this week with the latest news from Jason Levinthal whose innovative ways are bringing a new ski community hang out to Burlington, as well as a number of excellent edits that dropped this week. Find out all you need to know from the world of ski news in this edition of Top Five Fridays!

2023 Ski Comparisons: Twin Tip Ski Guide

As we move deeper into our 2023 Ski Comparison series, we’re starting to get into some of the more niche categories of skis. That said, niche doesn’t necessarily mean less popular, as we’ve received countless requests for this week’s comparison series: 2023 Twin Tips. This category is particularly fun to compare as it really highlights the need to match a ski to your specific personality. For example, are you the type of freeskier who butters their way through the park, or are massive jumps your speciality? Are you a rail specialist, or an all mountain skier seeking out natural hits to trick off? Your answer to these questions have a huge impact on deciding which twin tip ski is right for you, as a variety of weights, flex patterns, and widths all play crucial roles in giving each ski in this category a specific personality. Find out more by giving this 2023 Twin Tip Ski Comparison a read!

The Bargain Basement: Fall 2022 Edition - 17 of Our Current Best Deals on 2022 Skis

As we approach the start of winter in North America, it’s that time of year when dialing in your gear and making sure you have what you need is crucial so you can hit the ground skiing on opening day. As such, we’ve been running our companions series for the past several weeks, highlighting the best skis within each category. But what do you do if you don’t have a cool $750 plus to spend on the latest gear? Well, you give this article a read, as we’re here to put you on to 17 different skis currently available here on SkiEssentials for scary low prices. Take for example the 2022 Salomon QST 92, now available for under $300. If you need to add a ski to the quiver this year, but are doing so on a budget, this one’s for you!

Top Five Fridays: October 28, 2022

Another week in the books, another Top Five Fridays to break down all the latest action in ski news! Unfortunately a number of event cancellations have limited the amount of competitive ski news we can bring you this week, but don’t worry, there was still plenty of activity worth recapping in the ski world. From Soelden GS and Big Air Chur results, to fresh perspectives from the U.S. Ski Team’s President, an antitrust lawsuit filed against a ski resort operator in Central New York, and an excitingly efficient snowmaking system, this week’s Top 5 Fridays is chock full of intriguing ski news you won’t want to miss. Click through to find out everything you need to know, and to watch five of our favorite edits from the week!

2023 Ski Comparisons: Men's Powder Ski Guide

Next up in our 2023 Ski Comparison series, is the aspirational category of Men’s Powder Skis. Let’s face it: this category is chock full of skis that you’ll likely only take out on the very best days of the year. Still, if you’ve ever skied a powder ski on a powder day, you know that there’s no feeling quite like floating atop feet of the white stuff on platforms well over 105mm wide. While the skis in this category are likely the second or third pair in a skier’s quiver, their higher price tag and lower usage rate makes it all the more important to make an informed purchasing decision. So, on that note, it’s with great excitement and high hopes for your future that we share with you our comparison of 2023 Men’s Powder Skis. Enjoy!

Top Five Fridays: October 21, 2022

It’s a super special week here on Top Five Fridays for one very specific reason: the 2022-2023 North American ski season is officially underway! This week, a trio of midwestern ski resorts took advantage of cold weather and became the first to open for skiing and riding in the 2022-2023 season. In addition to this exciting news, the FIS season also kicks off this weekend, with a pair of giant slalom races in Soelden, and a Freeskiing Big Air event in Chur. We’ll share those details with you, tell you about a cool new unlimited demo program from Crystal Mountain, and share a number of excellent ski edits with you in this week’s edition of Top Five Fridays. Enjoy!

2023 Ski Comparisons: Men's Frontside Ski Guide

As winter continues to creep closer, we’re starting to release our comparison articles at an accelerated pace in an effort to provide the info you need to know ahead of your next ski purchase. Speaking of acceleration, in the second series overview of the week, we’re focusing on Men’s Frontside skis. In this often overlooked category, we’re excited to share with you 24 skis that absolutely rip groomers. While all mountain skis and freeride skis both offer enjoyable experiences on groomers, there’s nothing quite like a ski that’s purpose built specifically for hard, fast carving. Click through to learn more about the skis in this category as we try to convince you that a frontside ski is a must have in ever skier’s quiver. Enjoy!

2023 Ski Comparisons: Women's 100 mm Ski Guide

As the start of the 2022-2023 ski season draws ever closer, time is slowly starting to run out for those looking to get on a new pair of skis this year. As such, we’re excited to bring you another installment of our ski comparison series, this time focusing on women’s skis in the 100mm waist width range. At this width, there’s plenty of variety as we blend all mountain and freeride personalities together. If you’re in the market for a pair skis in this category, you won’t want to miss out on this comprehensive comparison!